For youth preparing to be independent adults


One Heartland offers a 5-step leadership program, with each year building upon the year before. Participants focus on six components including teambuilding, service learning, professional development, healthy living, self-presentation, and self-worth. After the successful completion of the leadership program, all participants will be awarded a certificate of completion, participate in a ceremony at closing campfire. Our leadership program gives participants many opportunities to learn and grow throughout their time with One Heartland. Some examples of each component are:

  • Teambuilding – ice breakers, low ropes course, and camping trip on-site.
  • Service Learning – at camp, in the community, and at home
  • Professional Development – public speaking, resume building, social media etiquette, budgeting, college tour, interview skills  
  • Healthy Living – safer sex education, physical activity, healthy meals (planning and cooking), yoga/meditation, coping skills, decision making, stress management, and communication skills  
  • Self-presentation – Journey of Hope, public speaking, dress for success, self-presentation to others
  • Self-worth – healthy relationships, love of self, personality tests, social media etiquette, words/actions we use/do, friends and families, confidence building activities

STEP 1: Adventure Program (AP) Part 1

Adventure Program (AP 1) is for any participants age 14. They will be introduced to all the communities served at camp. During their first year, participants will experience traditional camp activities and participate in team building exercises such as ice breaker games and team initiatives, go on a camping trip, receive safer sex education, perform a service project at camp, partake in confidence-building activities and a discussion on social media etiquette.


STEP 2: Adventure Program (AP) Part 2

Adventure Program (AP 2) is for any participants age 15. They will continue in the Adventure Program with a few added leadership roles. AP 2 will continue team building by completing our low ropes course, help to plan the camping trip and help lead the on-site service project, safer sex education with a focus on STIs and STDs, healthy relationships and the opportunity to attend nightly reflections with the younger cabins to explore more about the next step in the program.


STEP 3: Leader-In-Training (LIT)

Leader-In-Training (LIT) is for our 16-year-old participants who will spend two weeks at camp. The first week will be devoted to learning about the communities One Heartland serves, learning some camp policies in a fun and accepting environment, learning about teamwork which includes participating in teambuilding exercises, how to be a leader and what it means to work at camp. During the second week, they will shadow other camp volunteers in certain assigned activities, help behind-the-scenes aspects of camp like maintenance, kitchen and housekeeping work, and be given the opportunity to showcase what they learned during their first week.


STEP 4: Junior Counselors (JC)

The Junior Counselor (JC) program is for our 17-year-old participants who will train and work alongside other camp volunteers. They will spend four weeks at camp and learn all the behind-the-scenes aspects of camp. JC’s will experience working in the kitchen, maintenance and housekeeping areas, help to lead activities with participants, and meet weekly with the Junior Counselor Coordinator.


STEP 5: Camp Ambassadors (CA)

This program is for our 18-year-old participants. Camp Ambassador is the final step in completing the One Heartland leadership program. Those in this position will have the opportunity to spend the entire summer at One Heartland. The Camp Ambassador applicants will apply and interview for the full summer position. A select few will be considered traditional summer volunteers. Along with the regular duties of camp, CAs will also experience going out into the community and speaking through our Journey of Hope program at public speaking engagements, talking about the camp experience and their life experiences.

Camp Information

Dates Vary

Ages 14-17

Location Willow River, Minnesota

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