Camp True Colors, Minnesota 2015 will be held on July 14-19. Click here to pre-register for the 2015 camp season.

Program Details: 

Camp True Colors - Minnesota is for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) youth ages 13-18 who may or may not be participating in an out-of-home program. 

This camp focuses on building a positive community and provides a safe and stigma-free place for its participants. Activities available include canoeing, fishing, arts and crafts, scavenger hunts and talent shows.  

Education sessions on topics relevant to the LGBT community are also provided. 

Program Location: 

Camp True Colors - Minnesota is located in a wooded setting near Willow River, Minn., and transportation to camp is arranged by One Heartland. Participants stay in staffed bunks with shower houses that include flushing toilets and private, warm showers nearby. The main lodge houses all indoor activities as well as the dining hall where three warm, nutritious meals plus snacks are served daily. The camp also features a climbing wall, in-ground swimming pool, three lakes, an archery range and sports field.  

Camp Heartland is staffed by medical professionals which are housed in the on-site infirmary called Club Meds.

Program Partner:

One Heartland partners with the True Colors Fund to offer Camp True Colors programs in New York, Texas and Minnesota.  

A message regarding Camp True Colors from the True Color Fund'a Executive Director, Gregory Lewis: "We know that gay and transgender youth make up about 40 percent of the 1.6 million homeless youth in the United States, which is why a supportive effort like Camp True Colors has the potential to make a critical impact for more youth at risk than ever before. he True Colors Fund is working toward ending this crisis entirely, but in the meantime, for one week, young people will learn skills to keep them moving forward in life, and have the chance to truly be themselves.”

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